Corpus Christi Coin & Currency

Corpus Christi Coin & Currency belongs to Clayton Bryant, a coin dealer in Corpus Christi Texas. For many years he had a static site listing all products in categories. Purchases were made over the phone or by email. He approached me in 2009 about building an online shop. At the time, I some experience with osCommerce and we used it.

After a few years the osCommerce shop became unwieldly and difficult to maintain. Since Drupal 7 and the new Drupal Commerce was mature, I rebuilt the shop using that combination. Custom views and theme to the customer’s exact specifications. It has some really nice custom administration screens for management of products and categories.

  • Drupal 7
  • Adaptive Theme as base theme
  • All the most popular Drupal contrib modules. Heavy on taxonomy views, Views Bulk Operations and Display Suite. Taxonomy Menu really shines as the front end UI.
  • Drupal Commerce for the shop

Coin and currency dealer in Corpus Christi Texas