SmartMetalArt® Desktop Cradle

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The SmartMetalArt® cell phone stand is a time intensive hand crafted patent pending design created in the USA from 316L Stainless Steel. The artisan that creates these handmade, simple, durable stands needed a simple showcase site for his product. We provided that for him.

Beaumont Business Journal

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Beaumont Business Journal is a news site owned by The Examiner Corporation. They wanted a simple news site for local business articles and to provide advertising for thier clients.

The Examiner

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The Examiner is a weekly newspaper out of Beaumont Texas. It is owned by The Examiner Corporation. They had an existing custom site but wanted a face lift. We used Drupal 6 because Drupal 7 was not yet ready. This is a wonderfully complex site using views and relying heavily on taxonomy.

Linda’s Drapery & Interiors

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Linda’s Drapery & Interiors is in Corpus Christi Texas. Wendi, the owner, provides window coverings and decorating services to her clients. I took her old static site and rebuilt it using WordPress. WordPress was chosen because of simple site requirements with photo display as the main focus. And there are a lot of classy premium themes that would easily fulfill this requirement. Since 2010 the site has gone through 2 facelifts. We use the barter system and we trade web development for home decorating services.

JobsToday Southeast Texas

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JobsToday Southeast Texas is a job listing board site. The client, The Examiner Corporation, is located in Beaumont Texas. They needed a way to dynamically list all of their job listings and provide advertising for thier clients. Used Drupal 6 and it was the first time we created a custom theme using Drupal. Nice little greenscreen video diplayed using jQuery.

Corpus Christi International Seamen's Center

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The Corpus Christi International Seamen’s Center is a non-profit, multi-denominational Christian organization that seeks to provide an environment for the thousands of seafarers from all nations annually visiting the Port of Corpus Christi. This is another one of my Joomla! to Drupal migrations.

Tom Kraft Design

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I first built Tom Kraft Design with Drupal 6 back in 2009. Because I really did not need any dynamic data rendering, I rebuilt it in August of 2016 using Jekyll. My first static production site. It is lickity fast.

Corpus Christi Coin & Currency

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Corpus Christi Coin & Currency belongs to Clayton Bryant, a coin dealer in Corpus Christi Texas. For many years he had a static site listing all products in categories. Purchases were made over the phone or by email. He approached me in 2009 about building an online shop. At the time, I some experience with osCommerce and we used it.

Charles Thibodeaux & the Austin Cajun Aces

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Charles Thibodeaux is the leader of the Austin Cajun Aces, an authentic cajun music band based in Austin Texas. This is another site that I first built with Joomla! and after I realized the error of my ways, rebuilt using Drupal.

Mothering by Mom

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Margaret McKinley Owens is a friend and doula in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota. In 2007, I built her a Joomla! site back when I thought Joomla! was the bees knees. In 2011 it was rebuilt in WordPress.