Web Site Development

Site Creation Solutions

I recommend and prefer to design and install Content Management Systems (CMS). This makes it easy for you to update your content without the future need of a webmaster.

I like building sites with Open Source tools. There are several options available but I have the most experience with WordPress and Drupal. These platforms have a lot of user contributed free or inexpensive extensions readily available so major functionality can be implemented quite easily. All platforms use templates for display so complete visual makeovers are relatively simple to accomplish, thus if in the future you tire of the look of your site, we change it.

Creativity and Display

I enjoy building simple, elegant, accessible sites. All important information is within a few clicks and accessible to visitors with disabilities. You tell me the tone and feel you are looking for and I will work with you to get a nice looking site.

How this works

I build the site and teach you how to change your content, giving you limited, safe access to the administrator section. After you learn how to maintain your site, I expand your access permissions access so that you can install and change extensions and other features of your system. You will be amazed at how much power and ease of use you will have.

If your site needs are simple, prefer a hands off experience and only require a static presence, I can build you a site with the Jekyll static site generator.

Content Creation

Creation or Editing

Our content editors have experience in creating or modifying your site content to be visitor and search engine friendly.

How this works

Our team will contact you and work closely to understand what your business or organization represents. They will then develop your content to meet your informational and SEO needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We Provide

How this works

Our team does all the research and hard work for you. But, they also teach you how to continue with your own SEO program.


Continued service

If contracted to do so, we will keep your site code up to date and secure. Monitor performance. Continue with content and SEO efforts.

Web Hosting

Fully Managed Dedicated Server

I have an incredible dedicated machine at Liquidweb Fully Managed Hosting Solutions that I allow my clients to use. These people and their equipment are incredible.